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Learn What Makes Texas Beef a Delicious Choice

STX Beef is dedicated to helping educate consumers about where beef comes from and the nutritional values associated with eating beef. It’s our goal to help interested consumers deepen their knowledge to choose the best quality beef possible. Here are some useful resources to help you choose your next meal:

Finding the Right Cut

Whether you are looking to grill or put a roast in the oven, beef offers a wide variety of delicious and nutritious options.

Choosing the right cut of beef and cooking method doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you are cooking your beef to perfection:

  • When selecting a fresh steak, always choose one bright cherry red in color.
  • Vacuum-sealed beef may have a slightly purple color but will bloom (turn red) once the packaging is opened and exposed to the air.
  • Marbling adds moisture to create a more tender steak, so trim away any unwanted fat after cooking your steak.
  • Your grocery store Meat Department can usually provide you with great advice on the available selection and help find which cut of meat fits your needs.
Beef Cuts

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