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Quality Beef with Superior Craftsmanship

STX Beef Co.

All of us at STX Beef are dedicated to bringing a high-quality, consistent supply of Texas beef to our partners in retail and foodservice by building alliances with our local cattle ranchers. We are well positioned to provide premium beef to our customers across the U.S. and throughout the global marketplace.

Drive Traffic, Sales and Customer Loyalty with Texas-Quality Beef

We offer our partners a comprehensive portfolio of grain-fed, grain-finished Texas-quality beef produced with Texas pride at our Corpus Christi processing facility. Our dedicated facility results in consistent craftsmanship and dependable specifications that your business requires and your customers demand.

As a predominant regional supplier of quality beef, STX Beef is able to fulfill our customers’ needs while simultaneously offering customized solutions along with high-touch customer service. As part of our dedication to developing long-lasting customer relationship, we strive to serve as problem solvers and be nimble and responsive.

Our comprehensive product offering includes a consistent supply of boxed beef across USDA Prime, Choice and Select grades. Our state-of-the-art ground beef offering includes clipless chubs to help provide a point of differentiation.

Ongoing Innovation and Improvement

Continual Improvement for a Consistent Supply of Quality Beef

Our 750 team members in the Corpus Christi facility are united by a commitment to making continual improvements to satisfy our partners and their customers. No matter what you need, our consistent craftsmanship and reliable specifications produce results that satisfy our partners’ customers and their bottom lines.


Solutions to Our Partners’ Challenges

Our team at STX Beef will be the first ones to roll up our sleeves and help you figure out a way to make the improvements necessary to make every eating experience more enjoyable for your customers. We are the right size to provide the cuts and quality of beef you need along with a personalized level of customer service you won’t find with other suppliers.

Animal Welfare and Humane Handling

Ensuring humane animal-handling and maintaining the well-being of animals is a top priority at STX Beef. Our facility was designed in accordance with best practices in animal welfare as outlined by Dr. Temple Grandin. All team members involved in handling of livestock are trained on a regular basis utilizing resources from Dr. Grandin as well as the North American Meat Institute to ensure all cattle are handled humanely and with respect. Humane handling of the cattle in our care is simply the right thing to do.


Food Safety

At STX Beef, we take Texan pride in upholding the strictest food safety standards and delivering wholesome beef to our partners worldwide. Our facility is certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative and our team members are trained in critical areas to uphold food safety. To deliver added assurance, our food safety practices are audited annually by an accredited third party.

STX Beef is Proud to Work with These Third-Parties to Ensure Food Safety and Animal Welfare

IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group
Food Safety and Inspection Service
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Reach out if you have any questions or comments about our products, programs, resources, services or becoming a partner with us. We’ll take everything from there and do all we can to make working with us a more enjoyable experience.