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Certified Angus Beef ®

No other breed is more widely recognized than Angus for its rich marbling and satisfying flavor. Certified Angus Beef delivers the premium eating experiences that consumers associate with Angus.  Each piece of Certified Angus Beef is hand-trimmed according to strict quality specifications.

Our Certified Angus Beef  offering is:

  • Brought to you by generations of cattlemen and women who proudly deliver you the very best
  • 10 exacting standards for taste and tenderness
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STX Beef

Our Programs Provide World-Class Beef from Trusted Texas Cattle Producers

Today’s consumers seek authenticity and want to purchase from brands they can trust. STX Beef provides quality beef across USDA Prime, Choice and Select grades along with the genuine and honest background your customers demand. To complement our boxed beef program we offer ground beef including clipless chubs for added differentiation as well as variety meats to give consumers the comprehensive selection of beef that they expect.

Our dedicated processing facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, is strategically located near our cattle feeding partners for greater animal welfare and consistent quality. Our location as well as our strategic size allow us to be nimble to our customers’ needs and effectively deliver across the nation as well as to our partners worldwide.

STX Beef Box

When you choose STX Beef, you and your customers get beef that’s:


  • Sourced from dedicated cattle ranchers for consistent quality
  • Produced from grain-fed cattle for additional marbling and flavor
  • Processed exclusively by our dedicated workforce for dependable craftsmanship
  • Available across all USDA grades as well as ground beef and variety meats

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