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Build Traffic and Satisfy Your Customers With Texas-Quality Beef

Diners look forward to enjoying the satisfying flavor of beef from their favorite restaurants. In fact, while the official state dish of Texas is chili, Texans are nearly 14 times more likely to think of steak as the state dish!

STX Beef’s consistent selection of high-quality boxed beef, ground beef and variety meats comes with a guarantee that your beef is crafted at a single plant — an advantage that can help turn your menu into an attraction. Each piece of STX Beef is hand-trimmed by our dedicated team.

Premium Boxed Beef

Our processing facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, offers the comprehensive selection of quality beef products today’s consumers are looking for across all USDA grades. Our plant is strategically located near premier cattle feeders throughout Texas to help us provide our foodservice and restaurant partners with even greater efficiency and value. Our premium boxed beef offering delivers:


  • Cattle sourced from a dedicated group of ranchers for consistent quality
  • Additional marbling and flavor from cattle grain-fed for at least 100 days
  • Processing exclusively by our dedicated workforce for dependable craftsmanship
  • Comprehensive product offering including ground beef and variety meats

 Partnership on Every Level and Every Turn

No matter which products you choose, STX Beef delivers consistent specifications every time. We provide a comprehensive product portfolio that meets the needs of a wide variety of diners, offering excellent value and satisfying dining experiences.

Continual Improvement for a Consistent Supply of High-Quality Beef

Our company culture is centered around customer service and continual improvement. We are dedicated to ongoing upgrades and innovation at our facility in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our customer service plan includes on-time delivery and order-fill accuracy targets that to help ensure you and your customers remain satisfied with a consistent and dependable supply of our quality beef. We’re dedicated to consistent quality standards and meeting our customers’ expectations.

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